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  • Silver Iodide

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    Silver Iodide

    Product name: Silver iodide CAS: 7783-96-2 Molecular Formula: AGI Molecular weight:234.77 Appearance: yellow powder Product Description: Used as the...Read More

  • Silver Proteinate

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    Silver Proteinate

    Product name: Silver proteinate CAS: 9015-51-4 Appearance: brownish black powder Product Description: Contains over 19% to 19%, can slowly dissolve one, but...Read More

  • Sodium Bismuthate

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    Sodium Bismuthate

    Product name: Sodium bismuthate CAS: 12232-99-4 Molecular Formula: NaBiO3 Molecular weight:279.97 Appearance: yellow powder Product Description: Used for...Read More

  • Sodium Chloride

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    Sodium Chloride

    Product name: Sodium chloride CAS: 7647-14-5 Molecular Formula: NaCl Molecular weight:58.44 Appearance: white powder Product Description: Used in the...Read More

  • Sodium Citrate

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    Sodium Citrate

    Product name: Sodium citrate CAS: 68-04-2 Molecular Formula: C6H5Na3O7 Molecular weight:258.07 Appearance: white powder Product Description: In the food and...Read More

  • Sodium Cobaltinitrite

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    Sodium Cobaltinitrite

    Product name: Sodium Cobaltinitrite CAS: 14649-73-1 Molecular Formula: CoN6Na3O12 Molecular weight:403.94 Appearance: yellow powder Product Description:...Read More

  • Sodium Hexafluorosilicate

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    Sodium Hexafluorosilicate

    Product name: Sodium hexafluorosilicate CAS: 16893-85-9 Molecular Formula: Na2SiF6 Molecular weight:188.06 Appearance: white powder Product Description:...Read More

  • Sodium Hydroxide

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    Sodium Hydroxide

    Product name: Sodium hydroxide CAS: 1310-73-2 Molecular Formula: NaOH Molecular weight:40.00 Appearance: white powder Product Description: Used in...Read More

  • Sodium Molybdate

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    Sodium Molybdate

    Product name: Sodium molybdate CAS: 7631-95-0 Molecular Formula: Na2MoO4 Molecular weight:205.92 Appearance: white powder Product Description :Used in the...Read More

  • Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate

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    Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate

    Product name: Sodium molybdate dihydrate CAS: 10102-40-6 Molecular Formula: Na2MoO4.2H2O Molecular weight:241.95 Appearance: white powder Product...Read More

  • Sodium Nitrate

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    Sodium Nitrate

    Product name: Sodium nitrate CAS: 7631-99-4 Molecular Formula: NaNO3 Molecular weight:84.99 Appearance: white powder Product Description: Manufacture of...Read More

  • Sodium Oxalate

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    Sodium Oxalate

    Product name: Sodium oxalate CAS: 62-76-0 Molecular Formula: Na2(C2O4) Molecular weight:134.00 Appearance: white crystalline powder Product Description:...Read More

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