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The Main Applications Of Graphene
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Graphene has a special significance for physics research, it makes the quantum effects previously only on paper can be verified by experiment, such as ignoring barriers, achieving a ghost through. But what is more interesting, is that many "extreme" nature of the physical properties.

Because only one atom, electron movement is restricted to a plane, the electrical properties of Graphene also has a brand new. Graphene is the conductive material in the world, electronic speed reaches a speed of 1/300, much faster than the speed of motion of electrons in a conductor.

Adding 1% Graphene in plastic, can make plastic with good electrical conductivity; adding 1 per thousand of the Graphene, makes plastic heat-resistant performance improvement of 30 degrees Celsius. Can be developed on the basis of this thin, light, good stretch and ultra tough new materials, used in the manufacture of automobiles, aircraft, and satellites.

With mass production, as well as larger problems such as progressive breakthrough is accelerating industrialization application of Graphene, based on existing research results, the first commercial application areas will likely be moving equipment, aerospace, renewable energy batteries.