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Nano-powder Morphology And Size Control Of Meaning
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Powder particle size and its distribution are the most basic features, which largely determine overall and surface properties of the powder. In addition, structure morphology of powder including powder shape, chemical composition, surface area, volume and surface defects, which together determine the properties of powder. Therefore, in recent years, the powder morphology and size control is gradually become an important content of study on the powder.

In most powder materials in the preparation of grain size and morphology and other special requirements. Different areas of application of functional powder materials morphology and diversity requirements for size, to powder material preparing technology development proposed a new task, that is, particle shape and particle size in the preparation and processing of the control. Therefore, during the process of preparation of micro-and nano-powders, powder according to their application needs structure and morphology control has very important significance.

In the process of preparation and processing of functional powder materials, particle shape and particle size control often depends on the analysis of formation mechanism of. Particle formation mechanism of reveal, is the basis of powder morphology and size control. Particle formation mechanism as shown in Figure 3.1.

In wet chemical precipitation process, the powder particles generated after nucleation, growth and agglomeration process.