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Nano-powder Morphology And Size Control Of Complexity
- Aug 22, 2016 -

In the process of preparation of ultrafine powder, to control the size and shape is very difficult, this is mainly as a result of the complexity of the process of preparing. Liquid precipitation is one of the most widely used method of wet powder, with its excellent milling quality, simple, low cost production advantages, easy to expand a broad range of applications. The precipitation reaction of the Act is one of the key steps in the wet powder for end of powder particle size and morphology have a decisive impact.

Sediment particle size and morphology control of a physical model is very complex. There is coupling interaction between product and process, must make full use of the system in the practical application of boundary conditions, restrictions or special conditions to simplify some of these items can be more convenient, and rational calculation and discussion, and the process itself is very cumbersome.

Therefore, the particle morphology and size control is a complex process.