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Main Preparation Method For Graphene
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Preparation of Graphene common mechanical stripping method, reduction-oxidation method, SiC epitaxy and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Mechanical exfoliation is using objects and friction and the relative movement between the Graphene obtained Graphene method of thin layer materials. This method is simple, and are usually maintained a full crystal structure of Graphene, but small, low production efficiency.

Oxidation and reduction is accomplished by graphite oxidation, increase the spacing between the graphite layers, to make their separation by physical methods, and finally by chemical reduction obtained Graphene. This method is simple, high yield, product quality is low.

SiC epitaxy by ultra high vacuum high temperature environment, the sublimation silicon atoms out of the material, the rest of the c atoms, through ad-hoc form of reconstruction, resulting in Graphene based on SiC substrates. This method can produce high quality Graphene, but this method requires high device.

CVD is the most likely to achieve industrialization preparation quality and method of large-area Graphene. This method of Graphene has the characteristics of large size and high quality, but high cost technology also needs to be further improved.