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Low Heavy Metal Used ZnO Zinc Oxide
- May 11, 2017 -
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: YH-Z

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Quality: First Class

  • Package: 25kg Woven Bag Packing

  • Origin: China

  • Classification: Zinc Oxide

  • Kind: No Salt Oxide

  • Trademark: YH

  • Specification: 25kg

Product Description
zinc oxide is widely used in rubber, electronic magnetic material, ceramics, paint, medicine, printing ink, glass and so on. We use the indirect method which can guarantee the purity of zinc oxide to produce all the products. With the development of the environmentally friendly materials in and abroad, we have made great efforts to satisfy our customs' different demands. Our products passed the ISO9001:2000 smoothly in 2000. The purity of the general type may reach as high as above 99.7%, the content of heavy metals are less than 5.0ppm. We can show our customs the SGS certificate. High quality is the purpose of our production. 100% service is our faith; welcome new and old customers use the product!
 (ZnO)≥%  99.7
 (Metal Zn)≤%  Null
(pb)(PbO tested in Pb)≤%  0.037
residue(325mesh)(though 325mesh)≤%  0.1
 (hydrochloric acid insoluble)≤%  0.006
 (105 degree centigrade)≤%  0.3
Oil absorption  g/100g ≤  14

 Molecular formula: Zn0
Feature: white powder, very stable at room temperature, has a good Zhegai Li Li and coloring. Do not dissolve in water and alcohol, can be dissolved in acid and alkaline solution of ammonia salts.
Use: for rubber, paints, pharmaceuticals, inks, cables, electronics, Mint, enamel, matches, chemicals, cosmetics and other industrial raw materials for.
Packaging: The textile plastic bags, plastic book-lined film bags packed.

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