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Aggregation Of Nano-powder
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Reunion of the so-called Nano-powder is a native of nano-powder in preparation, separation, processing and storage processes connected clusters, composed of multiple particles to form larger particles. Reunited due to small particle size, surface, large specific surface area, the surface energy, State of energy, thus the tiny particles tend to cluster together, it's easy to reunite to form secondary particles, the particle size becomes large.

Powders prepared by wet chemical method in the reunification is the main way particles grew up, reunion can not only preparation of monodisperse spherical particles, or preparing ellipsoid-shaped non-spherical powders, Rod and cube. Powder wet chemical method in the process of reunification is generally in high concentrations, saturation and the presence of surface active material conditions, precursors generally at the nanoscale