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Uses High Purity Lanthanum Nitrate

Uses High Purity Lanthanum Nitrate

Attributes Name: Lanthanum(III) Nitrate Formula: La(NO3)3 Molar Mass: 324.9202 Description...

     Name: Lanthanum(III) Nitrate
     Formula: La(NO3)3
     Molar Mass: 324.9202



    Lanthanum, a source of highly crystalline lanthanum soluble in water for applications compatible with nitrates and lower (acidic) pH. nitrate compounds are generally soluble in water. materials Nitrates also oxidize the agent. If mixed with hydrocarbons, nitrate compounds can form a combustible mixture. Nitrates are excellent precursors for the production of ultra high purity compounds and certain catalysts and nanoscale (nanoparticles and nanopowders) materials. All metal nitrates are inorganic salts of a metal cation and a particular anion nitrate. The nitrate anion is monovalent (-1 fees) polyatomic ion of a single nitrogen atom ion to three oxygen atoms (Symbol: NO3) for a total weight of 62.05 formula. Lanthanum in cracking catalysts, advanced ceramics and the green phosphors used. zirconates lanthanides and lanthanum strontium manganites are used for their catalytic properties and conductivity. the lanthanum phosphates with capacity to bind water, creates applications in the treatment of water. Lanthanum is generally immediately available in most volumes.Ultra compositions of high purity and high purity improve both the optical quality and usefulness as the scientific standards. powders and suspensions elementary nanometric, as alternative forms of high surface area, can be envisaged. We also produce lanthanum. American Elements produces too much standard types, if any, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and technical quality; Food, agricultural and pharmaceutical grade; Grade Optical, USP and EP / BP (European / British Pharmacopoeia Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicableASTMtesting standards. typical and custom packing is available. , Research and safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional technical information as a reference calculation is relevant to convert units.

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