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Lanthanum Titanium Oxide

Lanthanum Titanium Oxide

GERHOLD is one of the leading lanthanum titanium oxide suppliers mainly situated in China and German. You can buy top quality lanthanum titanium oxide at reasonable price with us. In addition, wholesale service is also available. Product name: Lanthanum titanium oxide CAS: 12031-47-9 Molecular...

    Product name: Lanthanum titanium oxide
    CAS: 12031-47-9
    Molecular Formula: La2O7Ti2
    Molecular weight:485.54
    Appearance: grey-black powder
    Product description: A crystal electro-optic modulation. Monoclinic crystal structure, lattice constant is 1.30185 nm.It has excellent piezoelectric, electro-optic and nonlinear optical properties. Used to produce piezoelectric vibrator and transducer, multilayer membrane; Coating; Filter; Glasses coating, etc.

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