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Iridium Chloride Trihydrate Of Chloroiridic Acid

Iridium Chloride Trihydrate Of Chloroiridic Acid

Attributes Chemical Names: Chloroiridic acid Molecular Formula: Cl6H4IrO Molecular Weight: 424.96616 g/mol Application...

     Chemical Names: Chloroiridic acid
     Molecular Formula: Cl6H4IrO
     Molecular Weight: 424.96616 g/mol

    Chloroiridic Acidis generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity,submicron and nanopowderforms may be considered. American Elements produces to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and PharmaceuticalGrade;Optical Grade,USPandEP/BP(European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicableASTMtesting standards. Typical and custom packaging is available. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available as is aReference Calculatorfor converting relevant units of measurement.


    The iridium atom has a radius of 136 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 202 pm. Iridium was discovered and first isolated by Smithson Tennant in 1803. In its elemental form, Iridium has a silvery white appearance. Iridium is a member of theplatinumgroup ofmetals.Elemental IridiumIt is the most corrosion resistant metal known and is the second-densest element (afterosmium). It will not react with any acid and can only be attacked by certain moltensalts, such as moltensodium chloride. Iridium is found as an uncombined element and in iridium-osmiumalloys. Iridium's name is derived from the Greek goddess Iris, personification of the rainbow, on account of the striking and diverse colors of its salts.

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