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The use of precious metals reserves
- Aug 22, 2016 -


Crust in the natural reserve of 6000 tons, recoverable reserves of more than 2000 tonnes. In 2004, world production of Indium 405 tons. China, Japan, and Canada, and Belgium and Russia is the producer of Indium. China's reserves rank first in the world. 80% per cent of global supply. Mainly used for data transmission, aerospace products, alloys, semiconductors for flat panel display

Manufacturing. Main associated in lead-zinc mine in the 2005 primary yield 410 tonnes of Indium. Indium which is an associated metals, only content in the zinc concentrate is PPM (millions of) calculated, very few and cannot regenerate.

Rare earth

Rare earth consists of 14 natural elements, as well as synthetic elements. Nature reserves of more than 150 million tons, recoverable reserves of more than 88 million tons. [2] China's reserves rank first in the world. More than 80% per cent of total global supply. Used in the manufacture of composite material, magnesium, aluminium, titanium and other alloys, is an effect likened to "industrial gourmet powder.

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