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Metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Should have the following features: ① provide oxygen as reactants to form products, but not its complete oxidation; II can provide reactants with adsorption (or ligand) position, deformation, activated State c can pass electrons between the reactants. Catalysts for selective oxidation of these requirements in the use of constraints, the selectivity of the catalyst on the reaction conditions are very sensitive, and itself, as well as carrier of catalysts and catalyst structure is closely related. Ammonia-oxidizing catalytic characteristics: ① choose a high selectivity of oxidation, but even on 500 ℃ high temperature fully oxidized activity is also very small second when there is no oxygen, can be reduced by reactant.

Selective oxidation catalyst used in industry are made up of various metal oxides, these oxides can be solid or mixed oxides commonly used metal oxide catalysis and catalysts.