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Catalysis of metal oxides
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Status of metal oxide catalysis is important, as the primary catalyst, catalyst carrier and is widely used. On the main catalyst, metal oxide catalysts can be classified as transition metal oxide catalyst and main group metal oxide catalyst, the latter mainly as solid acid and alkali catalysts (see acid-base Catalysis).

Alkali and alkaline earth metal oxides, oxide and aluminum oxide, silica and other main group elements, with different degrees of acidity, ion (carbonium ion) reaction with catalytic activity, also can be used as carrier or structure to help push agent. Main group metal oxides catalysts for the acid and alkali catalysts. Transition metal oxide catalysts for characteristics of the metal ion has a variable price, widely used in oxidation and dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, polymerization, synthesis, catalytic reaction.

Functional oxide catalyst, usually adding a number of additives in the main catalyst made of multi-component oxide catalyst. Many of metal oxide semiconductors, so concept is used to explain the phenomenon of catalysis, conductivity, escape and other metal oxides as a whole is used to explain the catalytic activity of d electron configurations of ions, lattice oxygen, acid alkaline oxides such as local properties have also been used to explain the activity.