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An overview of metal oxides
- Aug 22, 2016 -

Metal oxide is widely used in our daily lives. Lime is a commonly used desiccants, can also be used for disinfection in iron oxide (Fe2O3), commonly known as iron oxide red, red pigments metal oxide catalyst is used in some industrial processes. Metal oxides are compounds of metals and oxygen combine to form. Includes Platinum all metals, gold has a corresponding metal oxides. Metals generally have a variety of oxides, such as iron with ferrous oxide (FeO), iron oxide 2-oxide (Fe3O4 is ferrous iron, which belongs to the salt).

Some sources of oxides of metals and minerals, such as iron oxide is the main ingredient of Hematite, mineral composed primarily of their rare earth metal oxides;

Decomposition reaction of some oxides can be obtained, for example, quicklime calcium oxide (CaO) preparation.

Common ionic crystals and Atomic Crystal, it should address the specific material. Most of the metal oxides are Ionic Crystal, there are exceptions,

High school can be considered within the context of metal oxides are ionic crystals. Alkaline-earth metal oxides is a typical ionic crystals. Exception of beryllium oxide, close to the Atomic crystal.

Electronegativity can be used a rough judgment, but also based on fact, atoms and ions, for example alumina crystals crystals of two different types.